Donna Saylor 


Associate Pastor

Educational Outreach & Prayer

How long at John Wesley?

I received a mid-year appointment and began at John Wesley as Assoc. Pastor this year.  My first Sunday at John Wesley was January 3, 2016’


As I am single, my family is extensive as it includes the Body of Christ in each church where I have served and friends around the globe.  My parents are deceased, but I have two brothers who have been a wonderful support to me.  I cherish my friends and church family.

Past Employment


Brooklyn First Free Methodist Church.  I served full-time as Director of Christian Education, then as co-pastor for 3 years, then as Associate Pastor. For my first 5 years I was bi-vocational. I worked as Director of Tutoring for Project Reach Youth in Brooklyn.  Since 1980-present, I have raised my own support.


I served a special appointment as Director of Urban Prayer Ministry with the Free Methodist Church.


Associate Pastor at Indianapolis First Free Methodist Church


Associate Pastor at Comunidad Cristiana Free Methodist Church of Indianapolis.


Associate Pastor of Educational Outreach and Prayer at John Wesley Free Methodist Church.

Why Am I serving at John Wesley Free Methodist Church?

I came to John Wesley in obedience to God’s direction.  I heard His voice clearly to relocate to John Wesley FMC, and I immediately began to take steps to follow His call.  I had a deep calling to serve God as an urban missionary during the Asbury Revival of 1970.  I have become a career urban missionary and have not deviated from that call for over 40 years.  His leading has allowed me to serve in E. St. Louis, IL, Newark, NJ, the South Bronx, NY, Brooklyn, NY and now for many years in Indianapolis, IN. I am at John Wesley to help build a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, intergenerational church under the leadership of Pastor E. Kenneth Martin. It is exciting to be on the front row of a miracle that God is in the process of creating.  Forming a multi-cultural church is not easy, but it offers a glimpse of heaven.  Because there is intense spiritual warfare, prayer is essential to everything we do.


Be worthy of the calling to which you have been called.     ~ Eph. 4:1 

If the church would only awaken to her responsibility of intercession, we could evangelize the world in a short time. ~ T. A. Heare

Lord, give us eyes to see the burning hurts of men, and ears to hear the sobbing undertones of life. While Satan’s snare binds fast the hopes of men, give strength, Oh God, to strike the loosening blow.  ~ Dr. Thomas Wyatt