Eddie Savala-Lipule

Youth Pastor

How long at John Wesley?

I recently joined the staff of our church as youth pastor.   My first Sunday at John Wesley was November 1, 2016.


I moved here with my wife Stacey and twin 5 year-old sons Alex and Adrian from St. Louis, MO, where I was a researcher at the International Institute, conducting a study on the best practices for resettlement of refugees. 

Past Employment

My past experience as a youth pastor in Nairobi, Kenya, helped to cement my passion to work with youth. "Whenever I interact with the youth, I realize how much their lives are at a crossroads, hence the great need for youth leaders who can help bring about direction in their lives. I want to be part of this kind of leadership that is willing and ready to mentor and develop youth to face today's challenges from a Christian Perspective."


Why Am I serving at John Wesley Free Methodist Church?

John Wesley has now become a growing multi-cultural, inter-generational church and wanted a youth pastor with multi-cultural experience, a heart for teens of more than one culture and ethnicity, and a passion for ministry. God called me and my family to meet these needs.  My family itself is multi-cultural as wife Stacey is from the United States and was a missionary to Kenya where they met and married. Eddie is fluent in English, Swahili and two Kenyan dialects.