John Wesley Free Methodist Church

 Love God, Love People, Make Disciples





Join us as we Study the Book of Acts!


Sundays at 1:00 pm on ZOOM!


I am calling it Harvesters… because we’ll be digging into God’s word... discovering God’s principles ... sifting through the cultural context and the history of the time.  We’ll be uncovering what Acts has to teach us today and watch God plant truths in us that He can grow and harvest for His glory.


I am looking forward to a great time and hope you are, too!

I will be studying and learning right along with you.


My heart’s desire is to learn more about Jesus, scripture, how God wants me to pray and how I can best live for Him.

I trust you will come ready to learn, listen, share and feeling free to ask questions.


Here are some questions you may have:

  Q: Are there materials for the class?

A: Yes. The Bible. A journal might also be helpful for writing down what you learn.


  Q: What is the best way to prepare for the class?


A:  Pray for God to speak to you through the scripture.

Read the chapter in Acts that we are studying for the week.

Pray again, asking God to help you understand what you read and how it applies to you. (I learned through many years of Bible Study Fellowship to ask God what He is teaching me before I seek out other resources.)

Feel free to consult study bibles, commentaries, books about Acts, or any other resources you have available. I will be using all of these kinds of resources plus multiple translations of the Bible.


  Q: When and where will we meet?

A: We will start Sunday, November 1, and meet via Zoom starting at 1pm.


  Q: Why Zoom and not in person?

A: At this time, with Coronavirus concerns, we will maintain safety and social distancing best by doing our class online via Zoom. This format allows folks to join in from the comfort of home. And you can change your Zoom background to pretend you are in a tropical paradise, or you can shut off your video feed so that we don’t see you in your comfy clothes! You also have the option of calling in on your phone if you don’t have access to the internet. Instructions for connecting will be provided at church on Sundays and emailed weekly.


  Q: How long will the class go?

A: We will keep our sessions to approximately an hour. How many weeks? Hard to say. There are 28 chapters in Acts and I’m guessing some chapters will take more than one session.


I look forward to studying God’s word with you!



Barb Heintzman