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Online Giving


Our new giving platform is available now! John Wesley Free Methodist Church has partnered with Pushpay to make online giving easier. To begin, click the button below, or review answers to our frequently asked questions below.


Give with Pushpay


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I designate my gift?

On the giving page, select the Fund that matches your intent for the gift. If the Fund you are looking for is not there, select Other, and fill in the Memo line to let us know how you would like the gift to be used.


How do i give to multiple purposes?

Unfortunately, Pushpay only allows gifts to one fund at a time. To give to multiple purposes, please create multiple gifts.


Should I give via card or bank account?

​​We ask that you give via bank account instead of card if you are comfortable. Giving via bank account has the lowest in processing fees and allows more of your gift to be used to advance God's work.


Why is pushpay asking for my phone number?

Pushpay asks for your phone number to help link your gift with your account and to reduce the risk of fraud. Once you provide your phone number, Pushpay will send you a message to verify your phone number. You'll be able to use your Pushpay account to view your giving history. For more details, see Pushpay's privacy policy.


Is Pushpay Secure?

Pushpay itself is a fully PCI-DSS Compliant Level 1 Service Provider, in addition to working with PCI-certified partners. This is the highest certification available, which means that Pushpay complies with the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The PCI DSS is a security standard created by the credit card brands (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) based on their experiences fighting off numerous security threats while securing their customer’s data. As a PCI compliant service provider, Pushpay’s software development standards, infrastructure, and organization are audited annually by a certified external party. For more details, see Pushpay's security.


What if I don't want to give online?

Giving online isn't right for everyone. Fortunately, you have several options:


  • You can give when you celebrate with us on Sundays by placing your tithe or offering in the offering plate.
  • You can drop by the church during the week and deliver it by hand. We would love to see you!
  • You can send your tithe or offering by mail to:

John Wesley Free Methodist Church, 5900 W 46th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46254