John Wesley Free Methodist Church

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The Properties Ministry is a service opportunity involving individuals who desire to help with hands-on building projects, landscaping, vehicle maintenance, safety and security procedures, or with setup and tear-down of special events. This ministry is vital especially for those who like to work behind the scenes with hands-on involvement and short-term projects. Contact Sam Miller for more information.

  • Oversee properties linked to the church
  • See that legal documents are in order and properly monitored for safekeeping
  • Serve as the building committee when designated by the Society
  • Oversee and report to the Board of Administration


The nursery cares for children from birth to 2 years of age, Preschool Praise for 2 years through 4 years old, grade level classes K-12 and focus areas for adults. John Wesley Kids (JWKids) reaches children age 5 through 5th grade with a specially designed worship service each Sunday. There are several opportunities for those who enjoy teaching or facilitating discussion on special topics. Training is also provided. Contact Jen Finley to get involved.

  • Responsible for planning, development, promotion and management of religious instruction and training for all ages in the church fellowship
  • Maintain a strong committment to evangelism, nurture, fellowship and equipping for service
  • Select and approve curriculum
  • Establish short and long term objectives
  • Select and approve staff as needed
  • Create opportunities to support staff through workshops, seminars, materials, evaluations and prayer
  • Foster teamwork among staff members


JWFMC is always looking for ways to serve others in our community and around the world. We want to let our community know that we love them, and want to build meaningfull relationships with them.  We love to bring others hope and inspire faith! Contact Pastor Bill Gue if you would like to get involved!

  • Great Indy Cleanup: Every April our church spends a Saturday morning cleaning up trash ans debris in our neighborhood. In the past few years, we have partnered with staff, students, and family members from Jonathan Jennings Elementary. For those that participate, this event is always rewarding at many different levels. Besides being an outreach ministry, real community happens when we work together on this day. 
  • Backpack Attack: Every year, in July, we collect backpacks filled with school supplies and deliver them to our neighborhood school, Jonathan Jennings Elementary. This event is a huge blessing to kids who can't afford a new backpack and supplies. The backpacks are given out to kids at a the discretion of the Jonathan Jennings staff. Principle Kevin McMahan says it means the world to these kids to get a brand new backpack filled with the supplies they need to start their school year off strong. 
  • Back to School Bash: What more can we say? It's a big outdoor party for the community, celebrating the beginning of a new school year! You don't want to miss it!!
  • The Giving Tree: Christmas often finds families financially strapped, and unable to afford Christmas presents. So each year, in December, we have the chance to help struggling families by providing gifts that we know they'll love. Along with gifts, families get plenty of food for a great holiday meal. 


Arrival Care requires lots of friendly people (e.g. greeters, ushers, hosts/hostesses, and parking lot attendants) who help ensure that every person entering the church feels important and welcome, and is offered assistance as needed. Arrival Care Team members need to be able to arrive on time, be consistent, be friendly and enthusiastic, and communicate church information that is helpful to guests. Contact Pastor Bill Gue if you would like to get involved!


The Connect Team is responsible for ensuring that guests are greeted and offered assistance. Connect Team members serve during one or more of our celebration services and at special events. If you are interested in helping new people to feel welcome, contact Joanie Crane for more information. 

  • Connect attenders with possible areas of service in the church
  • Visit members who are in the hospital or are homebound
  • Maintain membership list


The Finance and Offering Team helps with the counting of offerings and the development of the church budget and financial policies. Contact Micah Weaver for more information. 

  • Prepare an annual budget to support operations and ministries of the church
  • Review and recommend pastoral and staff salaries with the Sr. Pastor and HR Team
  • Review income and expenses of the church and report to the BOA
  • Oversee collections, accountings and expenditures of the church
  • Promote ongoing stewardship program
  • Prepare timely and accurate contribution reports to donors


Hospitality teams help to create a caring atmosphere by connecting with people through the preparation and serving of food during our Sunday celebrations and special events. Contact Amanda Smiley to get involved. 

  • Prepare for communion
  • Organize kitchen committees
  • Oversee food pantry ministry
  • Manage the Benevolence Fund
  • Serve through events that support church member families (showers, funeral dinners, etc.)


Worshiping God together is a fundamental function of the Church. It has the power to connect us with God and with each other, all at the same time. As worship leaders, our purpose is , first, to worship God genuinely, with all that we are. By doing this we can invite the gathered body of Christ to join us in worshiping our audience of One. The JWFMC worship team is currently made up of our praise band and audio/visual techs. We are always looking for creative ways to expand how we do worship, and make it more meaningful. Contact Pastor Bill Gue if you would like to get involved!


The HR team provides guidance and oversight to the hiring of staff members and the Child Protection Policy. If you would like to serve in this ministry, contact Willadean Duncan 

  • Offer counsel on staff employment, review compensation and make recommendations regarding pastoral and staff compensation to the BOA
  • Comprised of the elected members, delegates and the Senior Pastor
  • Serve as the Nominating Committee for the Society
  • Oversee policies related to church staff leave and vacation time
  • Conduct or designate annual or semi-annual evaluations of church staff
  • Work with the Senior Pastor and BOA on hiring, training or dismissal of church staff
  • Help the Pastor's Cabinet select supply pastors when the pastor is absent
  • Manage the Child Protection Policy

This ministry provides people in our community with transportation to and from the church on Sundays and for special events. If you would like to serve in this ministry, contact Wes Sanders .